Stock up this Sunday, April 9, Last Day of Season

Specials for Sunday, 4/9

Maria’s Gourmet Edibles: Purchase any 3 breads, regular or gluten free, and save $3.

Frank’s Pickled Peppers: Our new all-natural hand-made gluten-free vegan additions for April are Pickled Asparagus and Jersey Mint Jelly! Our lemon and garlic pickled asparagus has no added sugar! Every spear snaps with every bite! Perfect in salads, as a side dish, use as a Bloody Mary garnish, or eat right out of the jar! When the asparagus is finished, re-use the brine as a marinade, use to make a salad dressing, or pickle your own favorite vegetables! We have Jersey Mint Jelly in time for Easter! Mint jelly is made by creating an infusion or “tea” from the leaves, straining out the leaves, and the remaining liquid or “tea” is used to make the jelly. Use with lamb, fresh ham, on toast, breads, scones, muffins, or stir a teaspoon of mint jelly into a tall glass of ice tea, hot chocolate or smoothies, or use as a filling for tarts, cookies, or use to make mint ice cream!

Chickadee Creek Farm: We will have plants for your garden: sugar snap peas and tomatoes!

Pickle Licious: This Sunday, Pickle Licious will have fresh Beet and White Horseradish at the market. $7 pints and $10 quarts. We would like to wish all of our customers a Happy Passover and a Happy Easter.

LL Pittenger Farm: Berkshire pork chops and pork cutlets as well as our ground beef will be $1 off per package.

Available at the Market

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2016 – 2017 Weekly Schedule

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