Hummus Boss

Mediterranean cuisine  –  Hummus, baba ganouj, bruschetta, avocado salad, skirt steak and grilled garlic chicken.  Organic vegetables are used when in season.

At an early age, James Matar spent his mornings walking the muddied streets of Lebanon where, with his father Edward, they combed the local markets for the finest and freshest meats, vegetables, fruits and spices. Mentored by his father, James absorbed the “pure and simple” elements of cooking Mediterranean cuisine. Extensive travel all over the world and sampling many different cultures has allowed James to infuse his palate with the many dishes he prepares.

Artisan by trade, James has combined his zest for flavor, which comes naturally to him, and his love of cooking to create those same pure and simple delicacies he brings to his family and to your family by way of Hummus Boss. Armed with “always fresh, never frozen,” Hummus Boss creates over six varieties of hummus, baba ganouj mosaaha, bruschetta, avocado salad and his newly added hot pepper ganouj that will excite your taste buds, refine your palate, and satisfy your appetite for delectables.